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Images from our milling

operation are randomly

generated and appear in

this space on all of our pages,

making each page unique and 

different every time you visit.  

Enjoy our 'virtual tour' as you

wander our site.

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Do we share your information with anyone?
No. In fact, you can access our site, and browse our site without disclosing any personal data. If you sign up for the periodic emails, you'll be asked to share your name and email address. BUT, we don't use this information for any other purpose and our email service provider does NOT share this information with anyone!
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Do we allow people to communicate with each other through our website?
No. We don't allow our visitors to communicate with other visitors or to post information to be accessed by others.
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Do we collect personal information automatically?
No. We don't automatically collect personal data. We use cookies to store program options for you to help administer the site but do not use cookies to store 
personal data.
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Do we collect information about our visitors from other 

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Do we have links to other sites on our site?
Yes. Our site contains links to other sites that are not owned or
controlled by us. Please be aware that we are not responsible 
for the privacy practices of such other sites.
largest inventory in southern california tropical exotic hardwoods



  • 'Raw' COCOBOLO 'cants'
  • ZIRICOTE full boards




  • 'Raw' cants
  • Milled Boards
  • Live Edge Slabs
  • Bookmatches
  • Quilts and Spalts
  • Turning Blanks 





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