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Cocobolo (dalbergia retusa) 

cocobolo milled board







cocobolo color assortment

We have been told by some of ourcocobolo slats

customers that we have the largest

selection and stock of cocobolo that

they have ever seen.  The wood 

comes in so many shades and

tones and an infinite array of

graining, that some spend hours,

even days going through our stacks.

Once you see our stock, you'll

understand why and perhaps even

get lost among it yourself.

cocobolo stack and myself

 cocobolo container-don-and-mecocobolo warehouse entrance

cocobolo diseased slab

cocobolo stack-2

Buy from our 'raw cants' andcocobolo stack 4

cut them yourself to maximize

your desired grain and figure

for your best value or select

your wood, give us your cut

list, and we'll mill it for you. 

Either way, you'll end up with

spectacular wood milled

specifically to suit your project.

You'll soon agree, it just does

not get any better than that !!!

cocobolo manhandling stackscocobolo stack-1 cocobolo anderson plywood display

cocobolo container contents


largest inventory in southern california tropical exotic hardwoods



  • 'Raw' COCOBOLO 'cants'
  • ZIRICOTE full boards




  • 'Raw' cants
  • Milled Boards
  • Live Edge Slabs
  • Bookmatches
  • Quilts and Spalts
  • Turning Blanks 





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