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Images from our milling

operation are randomly

generated and appear in

this space on all of our pages,

making each page unique and 

different every time you visit.  

Enjoy our 'virtual tour' as you

wander our site.

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Hours & Directions


Open:    When we feel like getting here

Closed:  When we're not here or when we are somewhere else


Translation:  CALL BEFORE COMING OUT…but seriously, we're usually here between ABOUT 11am to AROUND 6 or 7 pm everyday, Monday through Saturday.  We're here SOMETIMES on Sunday, just depends upon how we feel.



Short version - google map it or figure to yourself, 'I've got GPS'...and get lost.  Call us after you've given up and we'll direct you in...maybe...depends on how we feel about it at the time.


Long version-

The City of Sierra Madre is located just east of Pasadena off of the 210 FREEWAY.  Take BALDWIN Avenue NORTH, one block past Sierra Madre Blvd, turn right onto MONTECITO Avenue.  One long 1/2 block down on your left hand side (123 East Montecito Avenue).


OK, so here's the deal...from the street, it looks as if you're looking at an abandoned warehouse (because you are).  We're in the building IN THE BACK, behind the building you're looking at.  Take the driveway on the EAST side of the property, all the way back, as far as you can go, AND THEN YOU'LL BE pinning us right up against our bandsaws !!! If you encounter a locked gate at the top of the driveway, then YOU DIDN'T CALL before you came out and WE'RE NOT THERE.  

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